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At the AO, we aim to empower people and we recognize that our employees are key to our success. That’s why the AO aspires to employ qualified, motivated, and performance-oriented talents in an environment that attracts, fosters, and retains them.

Below you will find more information about our application and interview process.

From your application to start working with us

For organizational reasons, we can only accept applications that are submitted via our recruiting tool in response to a specific, current job opening. Accordingly, we do not accept unsolicited or spontaneous applications, nor applications received by e-mail or post.

How to apply

We publish all our open positions on our job portal, mostly in English. To apply for an open position, you must create an application account with your general contact details. You can apply for multiple positions simultaneously and adjust the individual application documents, such as your curriculum vitae and reference letters, as required. Please note that any personal information and documents you provide will be stored in the system for a maximum of 180 days from your last log-in. You can delete your profile, including any applications and personal data, at any time.

Duration of the selection process

As soon as we have received your application, we will e-mail you a confirmation; please make sure to check your spam folder. The responsible recruiter will review your documents as soon as possible. The selection process (review of the applications, interviews, gathering references, and contract proposal) usually takes four to eight weeks. Please note that some application processes may take longer.


If we are unable to consider your application, you will be informed by e-mail or telephone. It is still perfectly possible that we find your application and skill set interesting. In this case, we will offer to retain your application documents in our Talent Pool database. As previously mentioned, you can delete your profile anytime should you change your mind.

The AO interview process

Our interview process is broken down into different stages.

  • 1. Screening call

    This is how we establish first direct contact with our candidates. A screening call is conducted by a recruiter and helps us to narrow down the pool of candidates and identify who should be invited for a first interview with the hiring manager for more in-depth conversations.

  • 2. Video interview

    This is an in-depth online interview with the hiring manager (sometimes accompanied by another team member), who will ask probing questions about the candidate's skills, work history, availability, expectations, and ambitions at the organization. This conversation helps hiring managers to get a deeper understanding of each candidate, allowing them to determine whether they have the skills and personality that the organization needs.

  • 3. Face-to-face interview

    Shortlisted candidates are invited for a face-to face interview with the hiring manager, other members of the team and an HR Business Partner. Depending on the role, candidates may be asked to give a presentation or take part in group exercises and/or case studies. More details will be supplied with the invitation. In person interviews are designed to encourage candidates to discover more about us and for our teams to know more about the candidates, their skills and experience.

  • 4. Online assessment

    Before taking a final decision, all short-listed candidates will be invited to perform an online assessment or personality test. These assessments provide us with relevant insights into candidates’ personality traits and help us select and retain the right people for a given job.

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